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August 20, 2003

August 20, 2003

Chief of Police Permit Hearing
Calendar Report

Hearing Calendar
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

  1. Heinz, Donald C.
    2400 Lombard Street "Marina Sports Bar"
    Mechanical Amusement Device
    OK Co.E, EID; DIS CP
    12/04/02; 12/18/02; 01/08/03; 02/05/03, 03/05/03

  2. Campisi, Vita
    641 O’Farrell Street #710 "A1 Hot Babe"
    Outcall Massage Service
    DIS Vice; OK CP*;
    4/23/03 *stipulation has to be done pass test*

  3. Cisne, Jr., Kenneth J.
    1340 Egbert Avenue "Ken’s Towing"
    Tow Car Firm
    NR CP, Permit Section; OK Co.C

  4. Derrington, Brisen
    1077 Brussels Street "Brisen’s Bodywork"
    OK Vice

  5. Derrington, Brisen
    1077 Brussels Street "Brisen’s Bodywork"
    Outcall Massage Service
    NR CP; OK Vice

  6. Heinz, Donald C.
    2400 Lombard Street "Marina Sports Bar"
    Billiard Parlor
    OK Co.E; DIS CP
    12/04/02; 12/18/02; 01/08/03; 02/05/03,03/05/03

  7. Lau, Meggie
    Washington Sq"Self-Help for the Elderly"
    Loudspeaker-Non Profit
    NR Co.A, NA
    Saturday, October 18, 2003 from 11AM - 2PM

  8. Mazzolini, Thomas
    Justin Herman "S.F. Blues Festival"
    Loudspeaker Commercial
    NR Co.A, NA
    Friday, September 26, 2003 from 12PM - 1:30 PM

  9. Meany, Charles
    Various Locations "Charles Meany Inc."
    Licensed Tour Guide
    NR Co.A

  10. Pan, Mu Z.
    450B Jones Street "Sunflower Spa"
    Massage Establishment
    NR Co.J, CP, SFFD, EID, PID, Vice; OK DPH, BID

  11. Romero, Benito
    10 Feet fr. 833 Market Street "Romero"
    NR Co.B

  12. Wong, Edmond
    Boedekker Park "Calvary Street"
    Loudspeaker-Non Profit
    NR Co.J, NA
    Sats. 9/23/03, 9/27/03, 10/25/03 from 1PM - 3PM

Meaning of Abbreviations
 BID = Building Inspection Division
  CG = Conditional Grant
Co.A = Central Police Station 
Co.B = Southern Police Station 
Co.C = Bay View Police Station
Co.D = Mission Police Station
Co.E = Northern Police Station
Co.F = Park Police Station
Co.G = Richmond Police Station
Co.H = Ingleside Police Station
Co.I = Taraval Police Station 
  CP = City Planning
 CUP = Conditional Use Permit
   DIS = Disapproved
 DPH = Department Public Health
 EID = Electrical Inspection Division
 FTA = Failure to Appear
  NA = Noise Abatement
  NR = No Report
 PAP = Public Assembly Permit
 PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
  RA = Redevelopment Agency
SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
 TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police 
  WN = Work Needed
   * = Condition
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