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October 09, 2013

San Francisco Police Department               Report Prepared 10/7/13 2:25:29 PM

                                                                            Chief of Police Permits

                                                                              Hearing Calendar for

                                                              Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Room 551 at 1:00pm

            1  Braucher, Joe

              2350 Powell Street                                          District:   A                                    ID:                  7241

              Commercial Parking Garage                          Permit #:


              dba "Imperial Parking (US), LLC.

            2  Braucher, Joe

              3100-17th Street                                             District:   D                                   ID:                  7244

              Commercial Parking Lot                                 Permit #:

              NR Co. D;

              OK SFFD, BID, TAX COLLECTOR, CP W/N;

              PENDING PERMIT;

              dba "Imperial Parking (US), LLC.

            3  Brickey, James

              2100 Van Ness Avenue                                  District:   E                                    ID:                  6395

              Commercial Parking Garage Renewal           Permit #:  110035


              OK CP, SFFD, TAX COLLECTOR; Co. E, Permit, Risk Management, BID;

              dba "Execupark, Inc."

            4  Brother Lawrence Dining

              Community, Inc.,                                           District:                                         ID:                  7941

              Charitable Solicitation Non Sales                   Permit #:

              OK PERMIT.

              dba "Brother Lawrence Dining Community, Inc." (Paid by Judith Lagowski.)

            5  Curtis, Ryan

              1349-47th Avenue                                           District:   A                                    ID:                  7851

              License Tour Guide                                        Permit #:

              NR Co. D;

              OK Co. B, Co. A;

              dba "Roam Local"

            6  JIANG, EVAN

              75 Waterloo Street                                          District:   C                                   ID:                  7914

              JUNK DEALER                                               Permit #:

              dba "Zarc Recycling";

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            7  Kaplankiran, Orhan

              8-10th Street                                                   District:   B                                    ID:                  7406

              Commerical Parking Garage                          Permit #:

              OK CP, RISK MANAGEMENT, BID, Co. B, SFFD,

              TAX COLLECTOR W/N;

              dba "HPM of America, LLC."

              Tax Collectors, needs 2 COA'S, 1 for HPM of America and the other for 10th & Market, LLC.

            8  Nguyen, Kathy

              629 Taylor Street                                            District:   A                                    ID:                  7435

              Public Bath House                                          Permit #:

              NR PERMIT, SFFD;

              OK CO.A, PID, DPH, PID, BID;

              W/N EID,                (Dissaproved City Planning)

              dba "Golden Pearl Spa"

              Denied 7/31/13

              Request for a rehearing on 10/9/13

            9  OLKO II, STEPHEN

              220 Rankin Street                                           District:   U                                    ID:                  7917

              TOW CAR OPERATOR                                Permit #:

              OK PERMIT

              dba " Courtesy Tow"

          10  Railey, Edward

              2310 Powell Street #305                                 District:   U                                    ID:                  7932

              Pedicab Operator                                           Permit #:

              OK PERMIT.

              dba "Keith's Pedicab LLC."

          11  Reif, Joshua

              201 Spear Street, Suie 1100                          District:   U                                    ID:                  7928

              Pedicab Operator                                           Permit #:

              OK PERMIT

              dba "Cabrio Taxi"

          12  Rodriguez, Patty

              2444 Lombard Street                                      District:   E                                    ID:                  6536

              Commercial Parking Lot                                 Permit #:


              CP DISSAPROVES;

              PERMIT DENIED

              dba "S.F. Parking, LLC."

              Denied 8/7/13.

              Requesting a re-hearing, so that she can withdraw and reapply in the future. (10/02/13 - Did

              not appear at hearing to state her case. Matter continued to 10/09/13.)

          13  SMITH, CHRIS

              105 W Newton Street                                     District:   U                                    ID:                  7916

              PEDICAB OPERATOR                                  Permit #:

              OK PERMIT.

              dba "Golden Gate Pedicab"

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          14  Vaisnava Community of America

              Vedic School,                                                District:                                         ID:                  7942

              Charitable Solicitation Non Sales                   Permit #:

              OK PERMIT.

              dba "Vaisnava Community of America Vedic School"  (Paid by Shelley Foley.)

          15  Velazquez, Oscar

              18 La Goma Street                                         District:   U                                    ID:                  7845

              Tow Car Firm                                                  Permit #:  143523

              NR PERMIT, TRAFFIC

              dba "Mill Valley Towing"

          16  Waterdown, Sundie

              1213 Fell Street                                               District:   U                                    ID:                  7880

              Tow Car Operator                                           Permit #:

              OK PERMIT

              dba "Ted & Al's Towing"

          17  Willis IV, Robbie

              1890 Clay Street                                             District:   E                                    ID:                  6140

              Commercial Parking Garage                          Permit #:

              OK CP, Co. E, SFFD, BID, RISK MANAGEMENT;


              PENDING PERMIT;

              dba "1890 Clay Street, LP"

                                                                   Meaning of Abbreviations

                       BID = Building Inspection Division                        DIS = Disapproved

                       CG = Conditional Grant                                        DPH = Department Public Health

                       Co.A = Central Police Station                               EID = Electrical Inspection Division FTA =

                       Co.B = Southern Police                                        Failure to Appear

                       Co.0 = Bay View Police Station                            NA = Noise Abatement

                       Co.D = Mission Police Station                              NR = No Report

                       Co.E = Northern Police Station                            PAP = Public Assembly Permit

                       Co.F = Park Police Station                                   PID = Plumbing Inspection Division RA =

                       Co.G = Richmond Police Station                         Redevelopment Agency

                       Co.H = Ingleside Police Station                            SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department

                       Co.I = Taraval Police Station                               

                       CP = City Planning                                               TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police

                       CUP = Conditional Use Permit                             Station WN = Work Needed

                                                                                                     * = Condition

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