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December 8, 2010


                         Chief of Police Permit Hearing
                                 Calendar Report

                                 HEARING CALENDAR

                           Wednesday, December 8, 2010

     1.  Barakat, Adam
         928 Harrison Street, S.F.
         Tow Car Operator
         NR Permit
         dba "Fleming's Auto Service"

     2.  Beck, Angela
         1740 Cesar Chavez, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.C;  OK Permit, Vice;   Adding Angela Beck/Dropping Charles Dixon
         dba "Morrisania West, Inc."  Renewing for 2011
         PERMIT # 127743

     3.  Chahenian, Hrair
         825 Brotherhood Way,Renewing for 2011
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.I, Pend PERMIT, VICE;   Add Hrair Chahenian/Drop Vasken Farajian
         dba "St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church"
         PERMIT # 69219

     4.  Cisne, Jr., Kenneth
         1229 Underwood Avenue, S.F.
         Tow Car Firm
         NR CP, SFFD, PERMIT
         dba "Ken's Towing"  Renewing for 2011
         PERMIT # 136197

     5.  D'Aquila, Ulysses
         704 Cortland Avenue, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.H, Pending PERMIT, VICE;                       Renewing for 2011
         dba "St. Kevin's Church"
         PERMIT # 52802

     6.  Escobar, Juan
         2200 Ingalls Street, S.F.
         Tow Car Firm
         NR Permit, CP, SFFD
         dba "GE Towing"   Complying by renewing for 2011
         PERMIT # 128154

     7.  Fabris, Robert And Fabris, Steven
         985 Montgomery Ave #B, San Bruno
         Tow Car Firm
         NR Permit
         dba"Bob Jr's Towing, Inc."
         PERMIT # 137325

     8.  Farana, Mario
         1690 Church Street, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.H, VICE, PERMIT                               Renewing for 2011
         dba "St. Paul's Intermediate School"
         PERMIT # 52896

     9.  Fletcher, Marjorie And Osaki, Paul
         1740 Cesar Chavez, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.C, VICE, PERMIT                              Renewing for 2011
         dba "Japanese Cultural & Community Center of NO"
         PERMIT # 078629

     10. Grealish, John
         2001-37th Avenue, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.I, PERMIT, VICE                             Renewing for 2011
         dba "St. Ignatius College Prepatory"
         PERMIT # 52478

     11. Keith, Herman  J.
         1464 Carroll Ave, S.F. "Bill Wren's Tow"
         Tow Car Operator
         NR Permit
         dba "Bill Wren's Towing"                11/17/10;

     12. Mubayed, Adeline
         240-12th Street, S.F.
         Tow Car Firm
         NR CP, SFFD, PERMIT
         dba "A and J Towing"  Renewing for 2011

     13. Orellana, William
         2233 Ingalls Street
         Tow Car Firm
         OK Co.C*, Traffic*; Pending Permit/Risk Mgt; DIS CP*; 3/10/10,3/24
         dba "Alex's Towing"  Add 3 trucks for a total of 4

     14. Orellana, William
         2233 Ingalls Street
         Tow Car Operator
         Pending Permit;                              3/10/10,3/24,4/28,7/7
         dba "Alex's Towing"

     15. Ramirez, Erick
         1080 Brannan Street, S.F.
         Tow Car Operator
         NR Permit
         dba "B&A Body Works/Towing"

     16. Rodas, Luis
         91 Charter Oak, S.F.
         Tow Car Firm
         dba "Rodas Towing"

     17. Tyner, Helen
         1706 Yosemite Avenue, S.F.
         Bingo Games
         NR Co.C, PERMIT, VICE                                Renewing for 2011
         dba "Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior"
         PERMIT # 000167

                             Meaning of abbreviations

   BID = Building Inspection Division     DIS = Disapproved
   CG = Conditional Grant                 DPH = Department Public Health
   Co.A = Central Police Station          EID = Electrical Inspection Division
   Co.B = Southern Police                 FTA = Failure to Appear
   Co.C = Bay View Police Station         NA = Noise Abatement
   Co.D = Mission Police Station          NR = No Report
   Co.E = Northern Police Station         PAP = Public Assembly Permit
   Co.F = Park Police Station             PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
   Co.G = Richmond Police Station         RA = Redevelopment Agency
   Co.H = Ingleside Police Station        SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
   Co.I = Taraval Police Station          TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police Sta
   CP = City Planning                     WN = Work Needed
   CUP = Conditional Use Permit           * = Condition
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