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February 17, 2010

Chief of Police Permit Hearing
Calendar Report
Wednesday, February 17, 2010


                1.          Benitez, Martha P.
                             175 Bayshore Blvd.
                             Tow Car Firm
                             NR Risk Management; W/N Permit; OK Co. C*,CP,SFFD; Denied Traffic;
                             Appeal decis on 12/23/09;1/27/10;**PORTEST HEARING
                2.          Betancourth, Barnes N.
                             1251 Thomas Avenue
                             Tow Car Firm
                             OK Co.C*, CP, Risk Mgt, Permit;
                             1/27/10,FTA 2/3;
                3.          Castillo, Erik I.
                             1835 Folsom Street
                             Tow Car Operator
                             Pending Permit: (need letter of progress)
                             Applicant on probation til 6/11/10;hearing 1/20/10
                4.          Grealish, John
                             2001-37th Avenue
                             Bingo Game Renewal
                             NR Co.I;    OK Vice, Permit;
                             Renewing for 2010
                             PERMIT # 52478
                5.          Rodas, Luis
                             376 Utah Street
                             Tow Car Firm
                             NR Risk Management;   Pending Permit;
                             Renewing for 2010
                             PERMIT # 131110
                6.          Stanley, Nasta
                             4052-18th Street
                             Fortuneteller Amendment
                             OK Co.D, CP, Permit;   WN ECONOMIC CRIME UNIT;
                             Moving from 1311-19th Avenue to 4052-18th Street
                             PERMIT # 133362
                                                       Meaning of abbreviations
           BID = Building Inspection Division                                           DIS = Disapproved
           CG = Conditional Grant                                                              DPH = Department Public Health
           Co.A = Central Police Station                                                    EID = Electrical Inspection Division
           Co.B = Southern Police                                                              FTA = Failure to Appear
           Co.C = Bay View Police Station                                                NA = Noise Abatement
           Co.D = Mission Police Station                                                  NR = No Report
           Co.E = Northern Police Station                                                 PAP = Public Assembly Permit
           Co.F = Park Police Station                                                         PID = Plumbing Inspection Division
           Co.G = Richmond Police Station                                             RA = Redevelopment Agency
           Co.H = Ingleside Police Station                                               SFFD = San Francisco Fire Department
           Co.I = Taraval Police Station                                                     TTF = Tenderloin Task Force Police Station
           CP = City Planning                                                                      WN = Work Needed
           CUP = Conditional Use Permit                                                * = Condition

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