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October 19, 2009

Subject: SFPD Releases Third Quarter Update on Violence Reduction Plan

The San Francisco Police Department Violence Reduction Plan was implemented in February, 2008. The plan is a coordinated response strategy based upon the comprehensive research of Anthony Braga, PhD, of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

The strategy involves the scheduled deployment of officers into high-crime areas. Additional emphasis is placed upon narcotics enforcement, fugitive apprehension, strict enforcement of court orders, probation compliance checks, and uniformed foot patrols.

In the third quarter comparison (January 1-September 30) there were 82 homicides in 2007, 83 in 2008, and 37 in the third quarter of 2009, a 55% decrease over the previous year.

There were 2,737 robberies reported in 2007, 3,133 in 2008, and in the third quarter comparison, 2,414 in 2009, a 23% decrease from 2008.

In the category of aggravated assault for the third quarter comparison, there were 1,793 reported incidents in 2007, 1,807 in 2008, and 1,643 in 2009, a 9% reduction from 2008.

Non-fatal shootings have continued to decline. There were 193 non-fatal shootings reported at the end of the third quarter 2007, 132 in the same period in 2008, and 114 for the same period in 2009, a 41% drop 2007 vs. 2009. Non-fatal third quarter city-wide shooting victims decreased from 230 in 2007, 150 in 2008 and 146 in 2009, a 37% reduction 2007 vs. 2009.

Statistical charts accompany this press release on the SFPD’S Web site, sfgov.org/police.

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