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SFPD Graffiti Abatement Program

Graffiti Abatement Unit | Frequently Asked Questions | Reward Claim Form

 SFPD Motto: "The Greatest Graffiti is NO Graffiti!"

Key Information
Legal Murals: The difference between Graffiti and Art is Permission!
Graffiti Hotline: (415) 278-9454

Nocar Teenagers:
Do you know what the penalties are for graffiti vandalism? They include a loss of driving priviledge up to age 21.

Graffiti Wipe150Parents:
Are your kids headed for vandalism penalties?

Discipline, respect, and self worth are all learned at home. When you don't teach and reinforce positive traits in your children you may have to pay for it.

Do you know what your penalties are?

Merchants and Home Owners:
Are you aware of our abatement program?
Are you prepared to
 clean up graffiti?

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