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SFPD Courses


SFPD Courses


  POST AICC IDI Course  40 hours 

  Officer Daniel Chui   email:  Daniel.Chui@sfgov.org

   Hosted by the San Francisco Law Enforcement Regional Training Facility

  November 3-7, 2014

  February 9-13, 2015

  April 13-17, 2015

  POST ICI Core Course 80-hours

 Sergeant Maricela Sainez   email: Maricela.Sainez@sfgov.org

  Hosted by the San Francisco Law Enforcement Regional Training Facility

  September 22-October 3, 2014

  December 1-12, 2014

  February 2-13, 2015

   April 6-17, 2015

  June 1-12, 2015


 This course provides the basic knowledge necessary to complete legally sufficient arrest warrants and search warrants.  The course  includes an in-depth review of the following:

 1) Arrest Warrant 6) Informant Management 

 2) Warrantless Searches 7) Motions to Suppress

 3) Statutory Grounds to Issue a Search Warrant 8) Crime Scene Search Warrants

 4) Search Warrant Process and Procedure 9) DNA Search Warrants

 5) Establishing Probable Cause 10) Example Search Warrants for Various Crimes

 Limited to sworn personnel only.  Maximum Students:22

 Dates: August 21 &22

    September 11 & 12

    October 16 & 17

    November 13 & 14

 Time: 0700-1600 hours

 Location: San Francisco Police Academy

 Fee: For each participant from an outside agency, there is a non-POST reimbursable fee of $100.00.  Please make check payable to the    City & County of San Francisco (CCSF) training Reimbursement  Fund.


 Uniform: Business Casual/Court Attire - No Jeans

   To register for the class, contact  the SFPD academy at 415-401-4700 or email the above   coordinators.




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