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Crime Bulletin: 02-117

Crime Bulletin: 02-117

Attempt to Locate Possible Witness to Homicide

02-117 09/06/02

Christian Christensen
Christian Christensen
WMA,10-31-76, SF# 545839

Shawana Randall
Shawana Randall
WFA,08-24-81, CDL #D5644470

Christian Christensen

Shawana Randall

NARRATIVE: Pictured here are two persons known to have been camping next to another man and woman (as yet unidentified) at 2nd. Stillman Street in the Southern Police District. Both couples abandoned their campsites abruptly last weekend. Several days later a homicide victim was discovered underneath the bedding of these campsites. Inspectors of the Homicide Detail are attempting to locate these two individuals and the two who are yet to be identified for questioning. Both of the persons pictured have outstanding misdemeanor warrants. These persons may have a medium sized light brown and white pit bull dog with them. Please contact the Inspectors with any information regarding the above subjects or information regarding the Homicide at 2nd. and Stillman Street.

UNIDENTIFIED SUBJECT #1: WMA, 19-20 years, 6'0", slim build, dark hair, light complexion, no facial hair. Possible heroin user.
UNIDENTIFIED SUBJECT #2: WFA, 19-20 years, 5'5", slim build, dark red shoulder length hair, may be using a wheelchair as a prop.

CONTACT: Jim Spillane or Tom Cleary
Homicide Detail, (415) 553-1145 or
Operations Center (415) 553-1071

CASE#: 021 186 950

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